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Saturday, April 12, 2008


Alan K. Henderson

Too bad the site doesn't have an English translation - I'd ask why a blog hosted in a nation that escaped the clutches of Communism would put the face of Che Guevara in its logo.

The French blog No Pasaran features Che also, but in an unmistakably uncomplimentary way.

One Man

Sir, i hope you agree with the statement posted on the link bellow indicated, and you are willing to participate/promote it.

Dragan Antulov

To Alan K. Henderson:

Most people involved in political blogging in Croatia tend to be young, which makes them more likely to embrace left-wing ideas, including those associated - in one way or another - with Che.

However, in case of image of Che is, as far as I understand, used as the symbol of active political involvement per se rather then ideological identification of site.

Although some might get impression that generally tilts a little bit left of centre, it has its share of regular right-wing contributors.

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