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Monday, September 11, 2006



Nothing special won't happen... this is a really funy BB season with really hm... stupid people... to watch them making monkeys of themselves, doesn't make much fun.


Correction: funny.


You can only say "nothing special will happen".. no double negatives in english sentences! ;)
bode oci.. nema ljutis, jel da?! ;)


Well I dont think that B92 is available yet in Croatia but the first BB has begun in Serbia.

First guy thrown out was a homophobic cetnik. Of course it was set up that way but hey...


Hey bganon your post caught my attention. Is there anyway I can follow the Serbian Big Brother in English.Iam watching the feeds and all but I have no clue on what is going on and all.


I'm afraid not, but you can visit the Belgrade or Serbia blog for some kind of updates.

Latest news is that star Miki has left the Big Brother house.

Am I pissed off? Yes.


People seek for thrut...

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