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Sunday, September 04, 2005



Could not agree more with you. The most important thing for HRT was to show Branka Slavica alive from the airport of New Orleans...
Political analysis has been dead in Croatia, and not only in Croatia, for years...

Judith Sapp

Rehnquist's death isn't complicated at all. Together with Sandra Day's retirement, it means that the United States will be ruled by corporate interests and the religious right, who don't believe in evolution or the right to privacy, which includes the right to decide on reproductive matters. We're ruled by the same people now, but they can be voted out. The Supremes are there for life, which means we are sunk.


I spent a year in Croatia teaching English nearly 10 years ago...I learned Croatian but not well enough to be able to appreciate or understand the news about good ol' Franjo Tudjman. But yes, as Judith says, in the US, it's another opening for Bush to appoint a neo-Nazi psychopath to the court. John Paul Stevens is not getting any younger (he's about 83) and so he may not survive the end of Bush's term-though I don't think he's unwell. Anyway.....

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