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Sunday, April 24, 2005



yeah gotta love that ol' feral tribune! It's so much like the cheesy underground papers of the 70s in the U.S. but without any real humor or art.
Ratzinger may be conservative, but he's not a Nazi. Anything but!
Probably surprises out of the Vatcan are a bad thing right now. Hey at least he's against the war in Iraq, and wants to reach out to the Eastern Orthodox churches and the Jews and Muslims. These are all good things.
He may even loosen up the ban on divorced Catholics recieveing Communion. He's written things about that in the recent past, that that ban is not fair as a lot of times a person did NOT want to be divorced, or may have had no choice about it otherwise, and he sees that this is not fair.
I doubt Feral Tribune approved of the late Pope John Paul II either.

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