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Saturday, March 27, 2004



I absolutely despise PETA, they are extreme absolutists and as you said spoiled brats. A lot of vegetarians frankly are spoiled. The Running of the Nudes b.s. at the Feria of San Fermin is a case in point. Fighting bulls are an animal that survived from ancient times precisely because of the bullfight in Spanish and Latin American culture, a fighting bull doesn't suffer any more in the ring than he would in a slaughterhouse, an argument could be made that it is LESS suffering, and of course more dignity. As far as Peta's b.s. on the subject of Jewish and Muslim methods of animal slaughter for food, again, b.s. The rules in both cases are designed to minimize suffering to the animal, and to provide as calm an atmosphere for the animal's death, so their objections there are even more obnoxious.
Peta has some legitimate concerns on how animal slaughter for food is handled in the U.S. and Canada. Even there, the business has realized that more humane conditions are profitable. The movement for sustainable agriculture has done more to stop inhumane practices than PETA ever did. So has the decency of a lot of farmers who realize the debt of gratitude they owe to animals and who refuse to use cruel methods on their farms. Sustainable agricultural practices prevent the spread of animal diseases like Mad Cow disease.
Anyway you are totally correct about the PETA crowd being a lot of spoiled brats.
You don't have to be a right winger to dislike them.

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